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Product Liability

Making Big Businesses Pay For Their Negligence

At the law firm of Scott & Cain in Knoxville, Tennessee, we take on large corporations and small companies that have violated the law by manufacturing defective or unreasonably dangerous products.

These big businesses do not simply hand over compensation to victims. They want to keep their money. They want to protect the reputation they have built for themselves and their products. Our attorneys are willing to fight them to right the wrongs that have been done to consumers using their products.

If you or a family member has suffered a serious injury or wrongful death caused by a defective product, call us now.

Fighting Them With Facts

In defective product liability cases, our lawyers know that the best way to take on our opponents is with facts and excellent experts. We will bring in engineers and other experts who can help us prove that the manufacturer was responsible. We do the work, preparing our cases properly to get a positive outcome.

Whether a defective product liability case involves burn injury, head injury, back injury or any other type of injury, we know how to maximize your compensation.

We can handle cases involving many types of products and devices, including:

  • Defective autos (defective tires, crashworthiness issues)
  • Defective tools (defective saws, lawnmower defects)
  • Illness and injury caused by defective food products (defective microwave dinners, E. coli and salmonella cases)
  • Defective medication and medical products or devices

Decades Of Experience — Millions Of Dollars In Compensation

Over the course of several decades, our lawyers have stood up for the rights of victims of negligence.

We have taken many cases to trial and obtained millions of dollars for our clients in defective product and other liability cases.

Free Initial Consultations

Contact us today to discuss your defective product liability case with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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