The victims of corporate negligence in Tennessee deserve compensation when the companies could have prevented their deaths with timely, responsible action. Compensation for hospital bills, funeral costs and damages cannot bring a loved one back; still, it can help to at least ease the financial burden on the surviving family. 

However, businesses like hospitals, insurance companies and large corporations, which could pay adequate damages, appear favored by the Tennessee justice system. 

The victims of bad corporate behavior 

According to Knox News, the Tennessee Valley Authority contractor allegedly misled the workers that cleaned up the toxic coal ash spill at the Kingston Fossil Plant about the health dangers surrounding the job. The workers also claim that the TVA did not give them the appropriate personal protective gear, which may have prevented dozens of deaths. 

In a separate corporate liability case, investigators found a tire company liable for a motor vehicle accident that caused several fatalities. The Tennessee Civil Justice Act of 2011 limited the damages that the tire company had to pay one family, and they fought the decision up to the Supreme Court. 

The Tennessee “tort reform” movement 

Following the “tort reform” movement that seeks to limit corporate liability in wrongful death cases, the Supreme Court upheld the Civil Justice Act that favored the tire company. Business lobbyists pushed for the law that caps damages at $750,000. 

Families with loved ones who have died at the hands of corporate negligence or bad behavior may face an uphill battle as they attempt to hold the responsible parties accountable for their loss. Relatives of the deceased in this situation may find that an attorney could explain their available options and procedures.