A traffic accident may do more than make you late for an appointment. It may cause permanent bodily damage that requires ongoing medical care. 

When a crash results in an injury that requires follow-up care, the cost of treatment may skyrocket. These injuries may fall into the catastrophic injury category, resulting in permanent impairment. It helps to know some of the most common accident injuries that require ongoing care. 

Disc herniation 

The back contains a complex system of muscles that all work together to support the spine. The column that surrounds and protects the spinal cord within contains 33 vertebrae and 24 discs that provide cushioning between the vertebrae. In a car crash, the spine may endure a great deal of force and unnatural movement that may cause discs to shift. When this happens, it can leave the vertebrae unprotected from rubbing against each other. A disc herniation may also place pressure on the spinal cord, causing widespread pain and immobility. 

Head injury 

During an accident, the neck often moves forcefully. Such movement may cause the head to strike something in the vehicle, like the steering wheel. However, even when the skull does not impact a surface within the car, the brain may shift and hit the skull. Brain injuries may have lasting effects on victims of car crashes. Physical and cognitive function may suffer, especially if the damage goes unnoticed. 

Soft tissue injury 

The organs and bones of the body need support to function. Soft tissue provides this and more. Muscles, tendons and ligaments all fall under the soft-tissue category, and when damaged during a car crash, you may suffer tremendous pain. Depending on the injury, you may also find damage to the organ the tissue surrounded. 

Depending on the level of disability caused by these injuries, your life may alter slightly or entirely. Consulting with someone with experience in this practice area may prove beneficial to a positive recovery.