When people sit in the driver’s seat and depart to their destination, they are undertaking the responsibility to drive with vigilance and care to avoid causing preventable accidents on Tennessee roads. People who knowingly participate in dangerous behaviors behind the wheel or allow the temptation of distractions to divert their attention away from driving, instantly put their own lives at risk as well as those of their passengers and other motorists who are in the area. 

According to AAA Exchange, a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported an alarming statistic that the deaths of nearly 3,000 people are the result of distracted driving every year in the United States. There are three specific types of distractions that people may engage in including visual, physical and mental. People can become distracted by trying to read or watch billboards on the roadside, driving while they are emotionally unstable or upset and doing things like texting, applying makeup or eating while they are driving. Each of these behaviors may impede a person’s ability to make responsible and timely decisions in response to other motorists or road hazards until it is too late. 

Interestingly, passengers can also be a distraction to drivers. If a driver is dealing with an overly loud group of passengers or is a parent with children in the backseat, they may find that the incessant interruptions are causing them to feel frazzled and unfocused. EndDD.org suggests that passengers can play a critical role in preventing accidents by helping their driver to stay focused. One way they can do this is by politely reminding their driver that he or she is driving dangerously if they feel uncomfortable with the situation. 

They can also refrain from using loud voices, acting erratically or behaving in other distracting ways. If there are small children or pets that need assistance during the drive, more responsible passengers can help to take the pressure off of their driver by assisting in tending to the needs of others.