You might be one of many Tennessee residents who look forward to Thanksgiving and the subsequent holiday season.  If one of your favorite aspects of this festive time of years happens to be Christmas lights, you are definitely not alone in your pleasure. In fact, many people love to ride around town or take a long, evening stroll to see all the beautiful light displays in their neighborhoods.

The downside to that is that if you take a walk through your community, a car might hit you. Especially during the holidays, drivers aren’t always cautious or alert. In fact, they are often distracted and self-absorbed, perhaps, thinking of the long to-do list that awaits them at home instead of focusing on the driving task at hand.

Keep these pedestrian safety tips in mind

Before you bundle up for an evening stroll, remember that just because you can see an approaching motorist, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she sees you. The following list includes tips to help you reduce your risk of falling victim in a vehicle-hits-pedestrian collision:

  • The more visible you can make yourself, the better. If you’re a pedestrian, always remember to wear brightly colored clothing or reflective strips.
  • It’s natural to go walking after dark when your goal is to see Christmas light displays. However, it’s not a good idea to assume the lights will provide needed visibility to keep you safe, which is why it’s best to always carry a flashlight.
  • If you have to walk directly on a road, do so in the direction that faces traffic.
  • Look and listen carefully for signs of approaching vehicles, especially at intersections and crossroads.
  • Do not step out into a street without making sure an approaching driver is coming to a stop. It helps to make eye contact with the driver.

Even if you have the light to proceed into a crosswalk, it’s always best to make sure any motorists in the area are aware of your presence and come to full stops first. Distracted drivers who cause fatal collisions often later say they never even saw the pedestrians they hit because their minds were wandering or they were using cellphones, etc.

If you get hit as a pedestrian

Suffering fatal injuries as a pedestrian is a common result when the heavy weight of a vehicle hits a walker at full force. If you survive such a collision, you may spend days, even weeks in a hospital and perhaps need additional daily living support once you return home.

Many Tennessee accident victims use court-awarded monies after filing personal injury claims to help meet their accident-related expenses.