Even the most careful of drivers in Tennessee can find themselves the target of bad luck in the form of a hit-and-run accident. In the heat of the moment, it can prove confusing to know how to handle a motorist who drives off or fails to leave a note rather than stopping to exchange insurance information.

State Farm shines a light on how to deal with such an unfortunate incident. Drivers should not be responsible for others’ carelessness and casual cruelty.

Gather information 

Hit-and-run victims should note as much information about the other car as possible, such as the other vehicle’s license plate number, make, color and model. It is also good to note the direction in which the car sped off and the time of the accident. As with any type of auto accident, taking images of the damage is a must. There could be witnesses willing to provide more details and insight into what happened and the person responsible.

Contact the police 

As Esurance notes, hit-and-run victims need to contact law enforcement and have them create a police report. Any information on the other driver and car should go to the police, so they can start a search. In any case, a police report helps with the insurance claim process.

Remain at the scene

Furious motorists may feel tempted to chase after the other driver speeding away from the scene. This is a dangerous idea, as doing so could do more harm than good. Additionally, leaving the scene to chase after the other car could mean losing out on the chance to talk to potential witnesses and build a solid case.

Call the insurance company 

Insurance companies need to know about the hit-and-run accident and any resulting damage. Depending on the type of policy the victim has, she or he could have coverage for such incidents.