In recent years, exposure to asbestos has declined thanks to awareness about the dangers of asbestos. However, people are still exposed to asbestos for a number of reasons, whether their job places them in an older building which is contaminated, or they unknowingly handle certain items which contain asbestos. On our blog, we have covered many of the potential consequences of asbestos exposure, which can be very devastating. Unfortunately, some people who are exposed to asbestos face additional hardships as a result of denial, whether they deny that any exposure occurred in order to sleep better or their employer knowingly lies and tells them that they were not exposed when in fact they were.

Dealing with the denial of asbestos exposure can place a great deal of strain on an entire family, and the health consequences of exposure can be very serious. Sometimes, people are able to live for many years without noticing any adverse effects after being exposed to asbestos, but others may develop serious health problems which threaten their lives and have a significant impact on their quality of life. Our law office believes that those who knowingly show no regard for the well-being of others and the dangers associated with asbestos should be held answerable.

In some instances, people develop health problems as a result of asbestos exposure which occurred decades ago, while others suffer serious health consequences as a result of more recent exposure. Either way, it is imperative for people who are dealing with these hardships to look into some of the legal options that may be available to them.