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Never try to walk off non-economic damages

Most people have probably heard of getting compensation after an accident. The cost of your medical bills or repairing your car after a collision are the types of compensation that tend to jump to mind. These “economic damages” reimburse a specific dollar amount based on the cost of the services.

These differ from “non-economic damages.” You can receive non-economic damages if an accident leaves you with scars, unable to be there for your family, or unable to enjoy life as you once did.

It’s natural for people to underplay how badly an injury hurt them; trying to “walk it off,” so to speak. The reality is that hiding how badly you’ve been affected by an injury can severely reduce the non-economic damages you could receive.

If any of the following scenarios are familiar to you, you could be eligible for additional compensation:

You cant be the parent you once were

One of the most rewarding parts of being a parent is being there for your kids. Whether you’re building block castles with a toddler or playing sports with a teenager, these are some of the most important bonding moments you can have. Losing those moments, or simply the ability to help with parenting can mean compensation for loss of consortium.

You cant be the spouse you once were

Marriage is a partnership, especially when you have children. Losing the help of that partner may also be grounds for loss of consortium if they’re unable to help with the kids, perform household chores or home maintenance, or is incapable of sexual relations.

You cant keep as busy as you once did

People are meant to enjoy life, and when an injury keeps you from doing the things you once loved, you may be able to receive compensation for "loss of enjoyment." Loss of enjoyment may take the form of losing your social circle due to being bedridden, losing the ability to participate in a local sports team because of a long term injury or having to give up a hobby because it causes too much joint pain.

Always be honest about how an injury has affected you, both physically and mentally. Not all scars are visible; don’t be afraid to pursue compensation when an injury affects your emotions, relationships or home life.

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