Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents occur everyday and the number of them can increase as the weather improves. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month so it is a good time to look at ways to help keep motorcycle riders safe and to take a closer look at how they are protected.

Motorcycle and auto accidents can result in serious injuries and harm to victims. Too many motorcycle accidents take place because a distracted or inattentive driver is not paying attention and fails to see the motorcycle rider. Drivers in these circumstances can negligently cause a motorcycle accident and may be liable to compensate victims for their damages. Depending on the nature of the accident and harm suffered by the victim, victims may suffer a variety of physical, financial and emotional injuries.

The statistics show the motorcycle riders are more vulnerable on the roadways, as they are 29 times more likely to be killed in a motorcycle accident and 5 times more likely to be injured in a motorcycle accident than those in passenger vehicles in auto accidents. Drivers can help keep them safe by keeping a closer eye out for them in spring and summer months and making sure they have the space they need to safely navigate on the roadway and on uneven roadway surfaces. Driver should also double check blind spots before changing lanes and double check for motorcycles before making turns, especially left-hand turns.

Drivers can help keep motorcyclists safe by driving attentively and looking out for them on the roadways. Legal protections are also available to help injured motorcycle accident victims and their families, however, when a driver has not exercised the appropriate care which has resulted in serious harm and damage to them.