With summertime comes vacations, barbecues and other outdoor activities. Unfortunately, there are also more car accidents. The deadliest months for traffic collisions are July and August, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

It may be surprising to learn that summer driving hazards are more dangerous than icy streets and spring showers. Here are some of the reasons summertime is more deadly when it comes to auto crashes.

  1. Construction work

Summer is the unofficial season of construction. It is an opportune time for construction crews to fill potholes and repair roads. There also tends to be more construction of buildings and homes. Construction zones, detours and debris can contribute to wrecks during the summer.

  1. Traveling drivers

Everyone has their favorite summer destinations. Whether people are going to a lake or somewhere out of state, you will encounter plenty of traffic jams during the summer months. Road congestion can result in more accidents and road rage. It can be especially tricky when there are out-of-town motorists who are not familiar with the roads.

  1. Tire blowouts

Tires have a higher risk of blowing out in the summer. This is mostly because hot temperatures cause the air inside tires to expand. Check your tire pressure regularly, especially when there are heat waves.

  1. More motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians

Other cars are not the only things you need to look out for during your summer driving. The warm weather also brings bikers, cyclists and walkers out in droves. Be extra cautious when sharing the road with others.

  1. Young and inexperienced drivers

Summer means kids are out of school. This often results in brand new drivers getting on the roads more frequently. Teenagers without driving experience may be prone to distractions and causing accidents.

Despite all the perks of the summer months, it can be a risky time to drive. But by knowing what dangers you may face, you can be prepared and safe.