On a 22-mile stretch of highway from Knoxville to Sevierville there have been a total of 65 fatal car accidents. According to authorities in Tennessee, a total of 76 victims have died in those car accidents. The data reveals that the highway has experienced more fatalities than other similar roadways. Another 32 victims have died on a 12-mile stretch of another Tennessee highway.

The total number of fatalities on the two Tennessee highways break down to 2.7 deaths per mile on one highway and 3.5 deaths per mile on the other highway during the same period of time. There are differing opinions concerning how to improve safety on the roadways, and families of loved ones lost on the roadways have expressed concern. There’s no doubt, though, that a significant number of these accidents are caused by negligent drivers.

Fatal accidents can impact the lives of families of victims for a long time to come. Wrongful death legal protections can help surviving family members recover compensation for the damages they have suffered. Surviving family members may suffer financial and emotional damages following the wrongful loss of a loved one. A wrongful death claim for damages can be brought on to help a family recover compensation for medical and funeral expenses, loss of support and services, and loss of consortium.

When a loved one has been wrongfully killed in a fatal accident, a wrongful death claim for damages can help family members seek compensation from the negligent party responsible for the harm they have suffered. While these legal claims cannot bring a lost loved one back, they can help alleviate the financial burdens that are often associated with wrongful death cases. Additionally, these lawsuits help shed a light on dangerous driving, sometimes spurring action to further accident prevention efforts. To learn more about pursuing one of these claims, surviving families may want to reach out to an experienced legal professional.