One type of medical malpractice that a victim may suffer from is a failure to diagnose. In circumstances when a loved one has been erroneously diagnosed or there has been a failure to diagnose, it is important for victims and their families to know what to do.

Medical malpractice legal resources protect victims of medical malpractice from a range of harms including when a medical professional fails to correctly or timely diagnose the victim. A failure to diagnose, delayed diagnosis or erroneous diagnosis can result in a worsened condition for the victim. The victim may not receive the medical treatment or care they need because of a failure to diagnose. Alternately, they may receive medical treatment or care they do not need including medication they did not need.

When a failure to diagnose has resulted in a worsened condition beyond what would have bene normally expected had the medical condition been correctly and timely diagnosed and treated, the victim, or family members, may have a claim for damages. Damages can include compensation for the physical, financial and emotional harm suffered by the victim. Victims may suffer a variety of damages including medical expenses and pain and suffering damages. Serious medical conditions such as cancer, heart attacks and others can become more serious when not properly or timely diagnosed.

When a medical care provider has fallen below the standard of care, and provided negligent medical care, the victim may have legal options to consider. Victims of medical malpractice should always be familiar with the legal protections that may be available to them when harmed.