Motorcycle Accidents

Getting Compensation in Motorcycle Accident Cases

In motorcycle accident cases, the opposition many times tries to put the victim on trial. They will play off biases people may have against motorcycle riders. They may try to make the jury think that it was the victim's fault, that if the victim hadn't been on a motorcycle, the accident wouldn't have happened.

At the law firm of Scott & Cain in Knoxville, Tennessee, our lawyers know how to counter this argument and many others. In our many years of practice, we have overcome them before and will continue to provide exceptional legal representation to our clients.

If you or a family member has suffered a serious injury, or if you have lost a loved one due to wrongful death in an accident, call us. We are prepared to work tirelessly on your behalf.

We Have Heard Their Arguments Before

When a motorcycle accident case goes to trial, the opposition will try to convince the jury that the rider was at fault. They may touch on issues regarding the use of a helmet or other protective gear or the inherent risks of using a motorcycle.

They may bring up other arguments to try to prove that the person who caused the accident isn't actually responsible. They will talk about blind spots. They will talk about visibility issues. We know, however, that motorcycle riders are entitled to their "share of the road."

Decades of Experience ― Millions of Dollars in Compensation

For decades, we have stood up for victims of accidents. Be assured that when we take a case to trial, we will be ready and thoroughly prepared.

We have gone to trial many times in motorcycle and other accident cases and have recovered millions of dollars for people who have had their lives changed in these accidents.

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